Artist & Author Dominique Navarro

Author Photo

Dominique Navarro is an Emmy Award winning art director, natural history artist, and writer.

She is author and illustrator of the new AUC Press Nature Foldout series for Egypt, published by the American University in Cairo Press, the leading English-language publisher in Egypt and the Middle East. For over a decade she has collaborated on environmental projects producing books, posters, and field guides for museums, schools, tourism, and ecology programs. She is also a trained forensic artist, producing illustrations and sculptural reconstructions of unidentified persons and ancient archeological remains. This work led to her participation in the excavation of a temple tomb from the 25th Dynasty near Luxor, Egypt. Applying her forensic art skills, she created epigraphic studies of the wall reliefs and hieroglyphs, tomb diagrams, and reconstructions from mummified remains found in burial chambers. The combination of Egypt’s rich human history and gorgeous natural environment is her inspiration for the AUC Press Nature Foldouts.

She is available for commissions and custom projects from Los Angeles to Luxor. Please contact Dominique with any inquiries or requests at

You can see more of her work on her website:

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