Ancient Egypt at Key Stage 2


Teaching Primary History: Activities and Teachers’ Notes

AUC Press Nature Foldouts contain unique scientific information about Egypt’s natural history. Children can learn about the Ancient Egyptian animals which were worshiped as gods, dinosaurs and ancient whales which once inhabited the deserts and oceans of Egypt, and contemporary animals which can still be found in Egypt today like wild cats, foxes, and crocodiles. Look for upcoming articles on the Nature Unfolding blog with articles, illustrations, diagrams and maps to help your children during Key Stage 2, including activities and notes about:

  • maps of Egypt including ancient sites & important geographical locations
  • chronological timeline of Egypt since prehistoric times to modern-day
  • descriptions of the three seasons in Ancient Egypt and bird migrations
  • unique information about the extraordinary River Nile
  • animal gods in Ancient Egypt
  • Egypt animal pets, past and present
  • process and purpose of animal mummies
  • animal and plant species in Ancient Egypt and their appearance in hieroglyphs

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