AUC Press New Bookstore Opens in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo!

The American University in Cairo Press (AUC Press) recently opened a bookstore in The Egyptian Museum, as part of the Egyptian Heritage Exhibition, marking the 115th anniversary of the Museum. “AUC Press and Bookstores regularly take part in events and book fairs but this is a unique and excellent initiative by the Ministry of Antiquities,” said Nigel-Fletcher Jones, director of AUC Press and Bookstores. “Many visitors to Cairo are here on a short, almost whistle stop tour, so this may be one of a few rare moments when they are able to see the huge range of high quality books AUC Press has to offer.”

 AUC Press publishes guides to the Egyptian Museum in multiple languages and the stores also have a collection of books on Ancient Egypt for all ages and levels of readers, as well as some books on Egyptian culture, including crafts and cookery.

The AUC Bookstores have been present in the Museum in the past but this new exhibition, held in the museum’s gift shop, is a first for the museum and for the stores, where a number of brands are selling other products like gifts and Egyptian handicrafts. The exhibition will run until February, however it is expected that AUC Press will continue to be part of the Museum Store after the exhibition ends.

AUC Bookstores will also have a major presence at the Cairo International Book fair, which will be held this month, with great offers on AUC Press titles among a huge selection of imported books and an even wider selection of children’s educational books than ever before.

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