New Books at Ramses Coffee Shop by Medinet Habu Temple, Luxor!

Coloring Books,  all the AUC Press Nature Foldouts and more on the book stand of the wonderful Ramses Coffee Shop bookstands by the entrance to Medinet Habu Temple, Luxor!!!

Books at the Unfinished Obelisk Nubia Bookstore in Aswan!

Two books on the shelf: “Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book” and the new one “Tutankhamun”!!! Photo taken by Trevor in Aswan at the Unfinished Obelisk Nubia Bookstore!

Hanging Out With Trevor Naylor at Gaddis Bookshop in Luxor, Egypt!

Great fun with Trevor Naylor at Gaddis Bookshop, exchanging our AUC Press books: “Cairo Inside Out” and “Tutankhamun; An Artist’s Coloring Book”! Memorable! Love the book Trevor, thank you so much!!!

Neil Hewison — AUC Press Editor


Neil Hewison: Shaping a Body of Modern Arabic Literature in Translation

In October 2017, R. Neil Hewison will retire from his position as Associate Director for Editorial Programs for American University in Cairo Press, after more than thirty years working at the publishing house:

Hewison—an author, translator, publisher, and educator—helped steer the press’s development from its early years through ever-shifting landscapes: from floppy disks to ebooks, through major and minor political events. In these thirty years, Hewison has done perhaps more than any other individual to shape the corpus of Arabic literature in English translation.

Launched in 1960, AUC Press was reorganized in 1984. From then, the press took its uncontested place as the most prolific publisher of Arabic literature in translation. Through nearly all of those years, Hewison has been at the center of the press’s decisions on who and what to translate.

“Without Neil Hewison, the AUC Press would not have become the pioneer publisher of Arabic fiction in English translation,” said multi-award-winning translator Humphrey Davies. “He was, to my knowledge, the only member of the press’s management with the language skills, love of literature in general and of Arabic literature in particular, and taste needed to make this happen.”

Hewison was born in Yorkshire, Eng­land, and, after studying linguis­tics at York University, he chose to join Voluntary Service Overseas. As Hewison said in a 2015 interview with The Arab Weekly, he’d expected put his two years of Swahili to good use.

Instead, he was sent to teach Eng­lish in a secondary college in Fay­oum, Egypt.

While there, Hewison began learning Arabic and writing a seminal book on area, The Fayoum: History and Guide. In 1982, Hewison moved up to Cairo, where he taught English for four years and finished up his Fayoum book, originally published by AUC Press in 1984. Two years after publishing his book, Hewison joined the press.

“Everything Egypt!” Books at AUC Press Bookstore

Everything Egypt! at the AUC Bookstore Tahrir! “Ancient Egypt Coloring Book” and “Egypt’s Wildlife, Past & Present “made it to the new display wall!

AUC Press Fall 2017 Catalogue featuring New Color Book from Dominique Navarro, “Tutankhamun”

AUC Press Fall 2017 Catalogue

Amazon Reviews for “Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book”!


Thanks to everyone who posted a review of Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book on Amazon! The reviews are wonderful and so greatly appreciated.

Here are some of the reviews posted on Amazon’s US, UK, and European websites.

From US website:

From UK website:

From German website:

Susan’s post with her finished colored image is so wonderful, I’ve included the translation from German and her finished artwork:


I like the Egyptian story very much I have decided for this [book]… I like it very much. Each picture has an English-language text. Thus I learned e.g. That the pictured image is called “Tomb of the Vines”. I then entered it at Google and found an image of the original. So it was easier for me to feel the colors. The sides are printed on both sides, but have a very pleasant strength and take up the color very well without pushing through. The right side of a double page is always printed in black, while the left side is printed in a lighter gray, so that this page can also be colored, but it should be made in a lighter tone to make it look like a kind of water drawing. I like it very much and I am already curious how I will color the other sides.

Patricia wrote:

Really nice

A great “coloring book” for adults. Very nice motifs plus short Infotexte (English) make this “coloring book” really to something special. I would purchase it again.”

MORE than just a color book for adults and children of all ages to enjoy, Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book describes ancient Egypt color theory, including the history of primary colors in the Egyptian palette, their meaning and symbolism, to inspire your own artistic coloring choices.

You can buy Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book from AUC Press Bookstores or online at the following vendors: