“Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book” Sneak Peak Video


MORE than just a color book for adults and children of all ages to enjoy, Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book describes ancient Egypt color theory, including the history of primary colors in the Egyptian palette, their meaning and symbolism, to inspire your own artistic coloring choices.

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Learn fascinating facts about the history of the artwork, animal species, and other interesting information about ancient Egypt.

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Use your imagination to color, or follow the suggestions accompanying each art panel, including techniques for adding texture, shading, and depth to your artwork.

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Transform and personalize the black-and-white line drawings into your own unique and colorful art.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.53.40 AM

Frame and display your artwork, and share with us online on Facebook: Egypt’s AUC Press Nature Foldouts & Books

You can buy Ancient Egypt; An Artist’s Coloring Book from AUC Press Bookstores or online at the following vendors:

AUC Press

Aboudi Bookstore




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